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  See Aquapaws website about Dog Wheelchairs, Canine Rehabilitation, Show Dog Conditioning
  Michelle Monk Animal Physiotherapist Canine Physiotherapist
  Joanne Woolley Canine Hydrotherapist Canine Hydrotherapy
  Christian Langeder Soft Tissue and Bowen Therapist Christian Langeder Soft Tissue Therapist
  Elizabeth Mitchell Bowen Therapist Elizabeth Mitchell Bowen Therapist
  Helen Dunn is our Dor Pool Manager
  Dr Cameron Staggard Dr Cameron Staggard
  Facilities Facilities
  Hours of Operation Hours of Operation
  Contact us Contact us
Our Services Aquapaws Rehabilitation Centre for Dogs
  Therapy Options Therapy Options - Animal Therapy - Animal/Pet Rehabilitation
  Canine Swimming Pool Canine Swimming Pool
  Swimming your dog is a perfect activity for young or old.
  Canine Underwater Treadmill Canine Underwater Treadmill
  Swimming your dog is the perfect activity for young or old. how to build muscle on your dog
  Canine Physiotherapy Canine Physiotherapy
  Canine Acupuncture Canine Acupuncture
  Canine Soft Tissue and Bowen Therapy Canine Soft Tissue and Bowen Therapy
  Show Dog Conditioning Show Dog Conditioning
  Conditioning Dogs for Performance, Show dogs, Conditioning Show Dogs, Agility Dogs, Greyhound Racing, Flyball, Lure Coursing, Dog Fitness
  Dog Treadmill Running Machine Dog Treadmill / Running Machine
  Fido Fitness Club Fido Fitness Club
  Boarding For Dogs with Special Needs Boarding For dogs with Special Needs Pets, Dog Boarding for disabled dogs
  Dog Boarding, Dog boarding Kennels, Boarding Kennels for special needs pets .
  Dog Grooming Dog Grooming
  Conditions Treated Aquapaws - Conditions Treated
  Facility hire for functions Facility hire for functions
Pricing Pricing
Testimonals Aquapaws - Testimonals from Happy Customers
Help and Tips Help and Tips
  After Surgery Care After Surgery Care
  Canine Degenerative Myelopathy Canine Degenerative Myelopathy
  Degenerative Myelopathy is the most common cause of progressive hind limb dysfunction in older German Shepherds.
  Arthritis in Dogs Arthritis in Dogs
  This is usually a sign of arthritic changes, which are common with age. The conditions technical name is Degenerative Joint Disease and it is a progressive disease
  Nursing Care for Paralysed Pets Nursing Care for Paralysed Pets
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