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  • Aussie Dog Wheelchairs

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    Breed of your dog or Cat
    Pets Name
    Current Weight (kgs)
    Cause of Immobility
    Was surgery performed? (If yes, what type and when)
    For how long?
    Overall health comments
    Measurement A
    Measurement B
    Measurement C
    Measurement D
    Measurement E
    Measurement F
    Measurement G
    Measurement H

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  • Please print HOW TO MEASURE YOUR PET page Click here

    A - Rear height from top of hips to floor

    B - Length of back from shoulder blades to base of tail

    C - Inside distance from heel of front foot to toes of back foot (place feet straight down from the body)

    D - Girth or circumference all the way around the chest right behind the front legs

    E - Front height from top of shoulders to floor

    F - Width of shoulders straight across

    G - Width of hips straight across

    H - Groin to the floor

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    Cost: $99 paid in advance for 6, 1 hour group sessions

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