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Aussie Dog Wheelchairs

Breed of your dog or Cat
Pets Name
Current Weight (kgs)
Cause of Immobility
Was surgery performed? (If yes, what type and when)
For how long?
Overall health comments
Measurement A (See measurements below)
Measurement B
Measurement C
Measurement D
Measurement E
Measurement F
Measurement G
Measurement H

Product details

Please print HOW TO MEASURE YOUR PET page Click here

A - Rear height from top of hips to floor
B - Length of back from shoulder blades to base of tail
C - Inside distance from heel of front foot to toes of back foot (place feet straight down from the body)
D - Girth or circumference all the way around the chest right behind the front legs
E - Front height from top of shoulders to floor
F - Width of shoulders straight across
G - Width of hips straight across
H - Groin to the floor


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