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Dog Lifting Harness

For older, injured or invalid dogs, the CareLift lifting harness provides a convenient and safe way to improve pet's mobility. The harness can be used with the rear section only, front section only, or with both front and rear sections for dogs that need more assistance.

Product details

Key Features
Provides convenient and safe way to improve mobility for older, injured or invalid dogs, or those recuperating from surgery
Features front and rear sections which can be used independently or in combination for maximum lifting assistance
When used together, front and rear sections can be comfortably worn full-time; if only rear section is used, must be installed for each use
Unique design reduces stress by lifting hips and abdomen together
Includes specially-shaped protector panel for males (removes for females)
Excellent for assisting pets up stairs, into vehicles, onto furniture, outside for walk or bathroom break
Available in 2 sizes

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