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Hock Brace

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Our Hock Brace provides flexible support for the hock for Arthritis of the hock joint, hyperextension of the hock, hock deformities and support post operatively.

Product details

Hock Braces are made from durable neoprene and are fully machine washable.

The suggested dogs below are only a guide. Please measure your dog to ensure a correct size. If your dog doesn't fall within the listed sizes, we can custom make one for you at no extra charge.

The width measurement is the widest circumference measurement.
The height measurement is No. 1 (3 cms) plus No. 3 measurement.

X-Small: 9.5cm Width x 9cm Height - $35.00

Fits small dogs with up to 9.5cm leg circumference
(Fox Terrier, Jack Russell, King Charles Cavalier, Dachshund, Sheltie)

Small: 10cm Width x 12cm Height - $35.00

Fits small to medium dogs with up to 10cm leg circumference
(Border Collie, Beagle, Whippet, Kelpie, Cocker Spaniel)

Medium: 14.5cm Width x 16cm Height - $40.00

Fits medium dogs with up to 14.5cm leg circumference
(Labrador, Boxer, Doberman, Husky, Golden Retriever, Pointer)

Large: 19.5cm Width x 20 Height - $45.00

Fits large dogs with up to 19.5cm leg circumference
(German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Rhodesian Ridgeback)

X-Large: 22cm Width x 23cm Height - $50.00

Fits larger dogs with up to 22cm wrist circumference.
(Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound)

If your dog doesn't fit within these guidelines please email their exact measurements and we will make it to measure. You can add this information below.


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