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Aussie Dog Wheelchairs (canine carts) are Australian made and owned.They are designed to assist dogs with spinal and neurological problems, including Degenerative Myelopathy and recovery after surgery.

Dogs that suffer with Degenerative Joint Disease (Arthritis) and Hip Dysplasia can also benefit by using our Wheelchair as it will assist with their mobility by taking stress of the hind limbs and prevent falls which may cause injury.

They are also a perfect solution to assist your dog after spinal surgery to encourage rehabilitation if you are not able to access a Canine Rehabilitation Facility or an Animal Physiotherapist.

Aussie Dog Wheelchairs are light weight and have 'All Terrain' wheels especially designed for our Aussie environment and lifestyle.

One size does not fit all. Each dog is different, so care and attention is given to every wheelchair we make.

Aussie Dog Wheelchairs are made of a strong aluminum frame with stainless steel fittings. They are extremely light weight and durable. The saddle can be designed for male and female dogs and comes with a contouring stable pelvic support system which is fully adjustable. Aussie Dog Wheelchairs are also height, length and width adjustable.

We make each individual pet wheelchair to meet the special needs of your pet. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products to support you in caring for your mobility impaired or disabled pet.

Small (suit Dachshund, Pug, Shih Tzu Size) $655.00 .
Small/Medium (suit French Bull Dog) $675 .
Medium (suit Heeler, Spoodle, Sheltie etc Size) $720.00 .
Large (suit Labrador, German Shepherd Size, Border Collie) $775.00 .


Small $495 - 1 available
Small/Medium $555 - 0 available
Medium $582 - 0 available
Large $620 - 0 available suitiable for dogs with total rear paralysis

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer have our buy back scheme due to increasing costs of refurbishment.


- All of our wheelchairs are custom made to measure. One size does NOT fit all.
- There is no restrictive front harness to hinder your dogs foreleg movement.
- We are an Australian business and all of our products are made right here
- There are no fiddley harnesses to put on
- We don't have a heavy rigid bar sitting on top of your dogs back
- Our saddle system is easily cleaned, doesn't chafe and is flexible to move with your dog
- We have a life time warrantee on all of our wheelchairs as they are that well made
- We have all terrain wheels which suits our Australian lifestyle
- We are contactable in current Australian time if you need help

- We have been making wheelchairs since 2007 in our own workshop in Melbourne.
- Aquapaws Canine Rehabilitation Centre has operated since 2004 and understands the problems that are associated with paralysed and mobility impaired dogs.

Watch a short How To video on Aussie Dog Wheelchairs

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