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The Aquapaws Fido Fitness Club has been specifically designed to help pets rediscover their waist line and keep fit.

Obesity, one of the most common dog afflictions in Australia. It puts pets at greater risk for cardiovascular disease, joint and skeletal problems, respiratory problems, diabetes, and some cancers.

An extra kilo or two can make a big difference on your dog's small frame. Although ideal weight varies from breed to breed, you must strike a healthy balance between diet and exercise to keep your pup in good shape.

As in humans this problem can be easily tackled if given the right advice and tools to reshape your pet.

As a member of the Aquapaws Fido Fitness Club your pet will receive:

  • Diet advice from a qualified Canine Nutritionist
  • Exercise home program
  • Hydrotherapy in our Underwater Treadmill and or Swimming in our pool
  • Progressive weight management chart
  • And entry into '2015 SLIMMER PET OF THE YEAR'!

    The winner will receive a Swim Card valued at $110.00.

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