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Our Centre now incorporates several Animal Rehabilitatative Therapies all under the one roof to make us a complete Animal Rehabilitation Clinic.
Our mission is to offer a unique service to our clients and referring veterinarians. We work in association with refering veterinary surgeons to provide assessment and appropriate treatment plans for muscular, skeletal and neurological injuries to animals, and behavioural issues.
Our goal is to greatly improve the quality of life for your pet by offering the best available rehabilitation and pain management therapy, as well as provide a highly accessible and cost effective physical conditioning program for your pet.
Joanne Woolley, Christian Langeder, Michelle Monk
Canine Underwater Treadmill

The type of dog, type of injury, severity of the injury, athleticism and the expected results determines individual treatment plans. The treatment frequency and duration depends on the realistic functional goals of your pet.
Canines requiring rehabilitation for pre and post operative conditions, obesity and arthritic management programs, will be accepted on a veterinary referral basis only.

Referring veterinarians and owners are continually updated on the dogs progress, ensuring a healthier pet in the long run. We encourage owner involvement and will tailor a home care maintenance program that fits your lifestyle and your pet's individual needs, which may form a vital part of your pets treatment plan.

Please click here to down load our Veterinary Referral Form and our Terms and Conditions.

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