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Bladder Care

Preventative bladder care plays a critical part in the health of your pet. If you pet has suffered nerve damage to the hindquarters, paralysis or stroke, your pet's bladder must be expressed at least three times a day. Many people may decide to euthanize because the vet implies it is really difficult to do. That is not the case. A bit of practice is all it takes to get proficient in getting all the urine out at a session. Have your vet or vet nurse give you a demonstration first, so that you know the correct pressure to apply. If necessary, the next day go back and express your dogs bladder under supervision of the vet or vet nurse to make sure you have gotten all the urine out.

Paralysed pets are subject to partial urine retention. Often when you find your pets bed wet, it does not mean that it is urinating on its own, but that the bladder has become so full that there is an overflow leakage.

Cystitis or bladder infection is one of the greatest threats to your pet's health. Such infections are very serious and could lead to death if left untreated.

Signs of a Urinary Tract Infection include:

  • Dribbling or evidence of urine, such as soaking of the rear quarter and bedding
  • Foul odor of urine, and an increased licking of the genital area as infection worsens
  • Bloody or dark colored urine. This is a severe symptom and requires immediate veterinary care!
  • Depression, loss of appetite, rise in temperature as infection progresses

  • Treatment of Urinary Tract Infection

    Prevention is the best solution. The co operation of your veterinarian in prescribing the best medication, monitoring pH, culturing the urine, and providing instruction on expressing or clearing the bladder of pooled urine is essential for successful nursing care. Urine retained in the bladder can become a medium for bacterial growth.

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