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K9 Carts Pet Wheelchair

K9 Carts Wheelchair are now available in Australia.

The K9 Carts Wheelchair is the only pet wheelchair designed and tested by a Veterinary Orthopaedic Specialist. K9 Carts Wheelchair has been designing, building and testing pet wheelchairs for over 40 years. With over 35,000 clients, no other company has the expertise, knowledge, and dedication. K9 Carts Wheelchair are guaranteed to fit and we have the experience to adapt any of our carts to your pet's specific needs whatever they may be. K9 Carts Wheelchair have the finest support system available for the pet wheelchair.

Their new pet wheelchair design incorporates many new features including extremely lightweight materials, contouring stable pelvic support system, rehabilitative leg slings, and virtually unlimited design variations.

K-9 Cart

Two Standard Wheel Cart

K-9 Cart
This K9 Carts Wheelchair is designed for any pet with strong forelimb strength and a willingness to get up and run around normally again. The K9 Carts Wheelchair is extremely light weight, adjusts with provided tools, and can be modified to accept front extensions for weakening front limb strength. The hips of the pet are aligned just behind the axle to balance the pet wheelchair and alleviate virtually all joint pressure. Our new molding leg ring system gives stable, form fitting pelvic support designed by a Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeon. Slings are sent standard on every cart, so the rear legs can be held up off of the ground to protect against paw injury or left down if the pet is still able to walk. The slings on the pet wheelchair flex with the natural movement of the legs, so having the legs held up in the pet wheelchair in no way retards rehabilitation.

Under 5 kgs
6-12 kgs.
13-18 kgs
19-27 kgs.
28-45 kgs.
57+ kgs
$ 302.50
$ 330.00
$ 385.00
$ 440.00
$ 495.00
$ 550.00
$ 605.00
Currency conversion @ 1 April 2008 = $1.00 USD = $0.90 AUD

Some Happy Customers in their pet wheelchair

Iko has been in a K9 Carts Wheelchair for 7 years now. This is a video showing off her new pet wheelchair. Iko loves to hike, run on the beach and get into all kinds of mischief.
Katie - 13 year old Corgi who has Degenerative Myelopothy with her new K9 Carts Wheelchair.
Wheely Willy
Wheely Willy is a vibrant, active and enthusiastic 19 year old Chihuahua that has been in a K9 Carts Wheelchair for over 17 years - believed to be an all time record for wheelchair use by a companion animal. He is on his third K9 cart and still going strong! Willy and his true story is the subject of an award winning book series. "How Willy Got His Wheels" and "How Willy Got His Wings" are the two titles currently available. Willy's story is one of the most amazing animal rescue and adoption sagas that you will ever encounter. From a lowly beginning, being abandoned in a box on a busy street in Los Angeles, Willy has led of life of hope, joy and merriment that is unparalleled. Over many years, with his frequent visits to schools, hospitals, institutions of all types and participating in many civic events, Wheely Willy has spread his message to hundreds of thousands of people. His travels have been extensive with sojourns to Japan and Germany along with many locations in the United States including a recent cross county tour. He is still very active and maintains a bustling daily schedule in his pet wheelchair. To learn more about Wheely Willy, you can visit his website at www.wheelywilly.com
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