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Christian Langeder
Soft Tissue and Bowen Therapist

Christian Langeder is a soft tissue therapist for animals. His personal experience with Bowen Therapy began in 1999 when he fractured his spine. He then sought certification as a Bowen Therapy practitioner for people, in order to further develop the Therapy to help animals.

In 2001 Christian was invited to present a paper at the Bowen Therapy Federation of Australia's annual conference in Coolangatta. His expertise at the time was small animals and although his practice was based on canines, he has worked successfully on a variety of species both native and domestic, including dogs, cats, koalas, snakes, swans, chickens, possums, fairy penguins and even elephants.
Christian now specialises in the physical care of performance horses and has worked with horses in all manner of sports including Racing, Eventing, Dressage, Show Jumping, Polo, and Show horses. Some of the horses he has treated include Cranbourne cup winners Blue Collar Jack and Boom n Zoom, Mumm stakes winner Status Symbol, Perth cup Winner Guest Wing. In Dressage - Cipriani, Mayfly, Avignon IV, AEA Metallic, Ritual, Black Shiraz & Portsaid. In Show - Salisbury My Guy.

Although specialising in horses, his thirteen years of experience treating dogs and his love for them ensures that he keeps treating them.

His work is influenced by Bowen Therapy, Emmett, Hatchards Way and his own experience over the past 13 years. This means it is based on Fascia, Nerve and Muscular manipulation. It is very gentle and non invasive, although extremely effective for treating physical soreness or restrictions.

Christian has successfully treated many ailments, including back soreness, muscular pains, restriction in movement.

Christian has a special interest in performance/show dogs.

For appointments please call us on 03 59 77 88 41.

Pricing: $70.00 per half hour session

Meet some of Christians regular clients...

Steph Dijkstra with Kennedy WE

Sylvia McLachlan with Avignon IV

Dirk Dijkstra with AEA Metallic

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